Executive Team

Tony Merhi

Tony is the CEO of the leading property investment group, Merc Capital. Merc Capital specialises in residential investments in metropolitan growth and urban renewal corridors, with a main focus on the Hills District of Sydney. Merc Capital has now expanded it's investment portfolio to include a shopping centre, light industrial units and commercial suites.

Tony has a distinguished pedigree and enviable success rate as a cutting-edge property investor based on his gift of recognising property potential and assessing and minimising risks with the approval and construction process. He is passionate and determined in all his work, and his vision is to bring the best quality of design, utility and construction together in all his projects. He is well-respected by his competitors for his tenacity and integrity and for his reputation for being able to assess the property market in a clear and concise fashion.

Merc’s passionate professionals are well-respected for their expertise, deep market knowledge, success in working with Councils and hands-on construction experience though Promina Design and Construction.

Merc partners with Merc Real Estate (www.mercrealestate.com.au) and Promina Design and Construction – the construction arm of Merc Capital.